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Creating and/or recreating style guidelines is a fun, creative & rewarding endeavor. Although our process is tailored to each client and their specific needs, here is a general explanation of the process in seven steps.

FOCUS During this initial step we chat about your goals and ambitions, hopes and dreams for your business. You will be asked some thought provoking questions, we will take notes, write-up your answers and send it back to you. Then you are free to add or change whatever you'd like. This will then turn into a project brief, where we lay out everything you are trying to achieve, and how we will get there.

INSPIRATION  In this step you collect everything that inspires you. Colors, patterns, photos, drawings. Tangible and intangible items get collected and curated. This is the start of your visual inspiration board which we will use during the process to align your brand to your style and feelings.

MOOD  After we have paired down your inspiration and come up with a suitable color scheme, we will create a mood board. This will be a variety of images, photos, patterns and colors that will convey the look and feel of your new identity.

COLOR Here we discuss what you want your colors to convey. I will put together 3 options based on color psychology for you to choose from. Is your business a spring or a winter? This is where we hash that out. Your finished style guide will include the Pantone, HEX, RGB & CYMK values for every color.

LOGO  This stage will include at least 3 logo options to choose from. We will then work from there until you are happy with your final design. With the final design ready to go, we then create secondary designs, marks and favicons for use across your brand.

FONT  Here we chose font options that will beautifully blend together to give your brand a polished look and convey the feelings you want your clients to have when they see you business or product.

FINISHED STYLE GUIDE  This is where all our hard work and various rounds of edits come together. You will receive a summery of your brand which will include your new logos and marks in all file formats, patterns, icons, graphics, colors and fonts to use on your marketing materials. This sheet and these files will come in handy for years to come when working with packaging, signage, web or other graphic designers. You will also receive a USB thumb drive with all the files ready to use.


What kind of mood or feeling are you trying to portray? This is the most important part of the re-branding experience. 

3 custom mood boards are created with every logo project to create focus and clarity during your re-brand. Check out some previous examples...